Eyesbit Infotech Launched a New Mobile Number Extractor


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Eyesbit Infotech Launched a New Mobile Number Extractor


Eyesbit is one of the well-known and growing software development firms in the Information Technology industry. It offers several of IT services including consultancy, web development, web designing, application development, and e-commerce development. The company also offers various readymade and customized software applications such as online email extractors, mobile number extractor applications, content management system, and enterprise resource planning applications on demand. The company has launched various email extractors earlier. Moving forward in the same directions, the company recently has launched a new mobile number extractor application for its users. This application can be really helpful tool to reduce the human effort and processing time in sending bulk SMS messages to users on their contacts.


Used Email Extractor, now it’s Time to Try the New mobile number extractor

The newly launched mobile number extractor application will help you to collect contacts from form textual data. It scans files, folders, local drives, network segments, social media content, and the Internet to gather valid mobile contacts with or without country code. The mobile number extractor generates a list of unique numbers that are separated by comma, colon, pipe or any other symbol of the user’s choice. It can also segregate the searched contacts into domestic and international contacts for better understanding. It has filtering options that help trim country codes and trim numerals. At the same time, the mobile number extractor can also sort the search result numerically. The tool can be used for sending bulk SMSs for promotional activities and marketing campaigns. It helps business users to connect with their potential customers that in turn increase the sale and overall revenue for the business.   


Get Separate Lists of Domestic and International Contacts

The new mobile number extractor is capable of gathering domestic and well as international addresses from the raw textual content. The application can also extracts data using popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It has various features that make search more authentic and fast for the users. It can process more than hundred lines of raw text within minutes and harvest the unique and valid phone data. The mobile number extractor has inbuilt features that can separate domestic and international numbers, if specified by the user. Users can save the list of extracted entries in excel CSV, or notepad files. You can use these extracted data to send bulk SMSs for better customer engagement and promotional activities. The extractor also has filter options that will help you to get the required result instead of a list of all the searched data. These filters allow you to define specific pattern that you must want or do not want in your search result. 


A New Addition in Eyesbit’s Technology Stack

Eyesbit Infotech has developed many powerful and robust applications. These applications are used across the industries by small to multinational companies. With their quality of work and commitment, they have raised a bar in the past. Hopefully, the newly launched mobile number extractor application will be a new addition in their technology stack. To get more details about the mobile number extractor, you can visit the official site of Eyesbit Technologies. 


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