Eyesbit InfoTech is Coming up with an Advance Email Extractor Software Application




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Eyesbit InfoTech is Coming up with an Advance Email Extractor Software Application

After delivering a few high performance email harvesting applications, now Eyesbit InfoTech is coming up with an advance email extractor software application enriched with very exciting feature and high performance components. The company is known for its quality products in the Information Technology industry. They have developed many well-known applications for different domains including information technology, banking, healthcare, hospitality, education, and many more. The company also offers web development, ecommerce development, and android and iOS app development, web designing, and embedded application development services. In addition, they have also launched email and mobile number extractors, content management system, enterprise resource planning systems, and various development frameworks in the recent times. Am advance email extractor software application is a new addition in the company’s technology stack. The company has claimed that the product is the fastest and high performance email harvesting applications out there for use. 

Using the Legacy Email Extractor Software, Let Us Try the Advance One

The upcoming email extractor software developed by Eyesbit Technologies will support while running an email marketing campaign. It has many advance features that will automate several useful tasks of managing contacts and sending bulk mails to users. The application has been specifically designed to assist bulk messaging campaigns to promote products and services. It will help you target a large user base at the minimum possible time and effort. Some of the advance features of email extractor software are discussed below.

Plugins Support for Extending Features

The new email extractor software application will support many additional plugins to make running digital marketing campaigns easy and less time consuming. The tool will let you directly paste the list of extracted emails into your bulk mailing tool. 

Geographic Area Detection for Digital Marketing

The new email extractor software application is also capable of detecting geographic area associated with emails. You can also categories emails into different geographic zones to know your customers better. It will help you to target potential customers more specifically based on their geography and country. 


Export Option Could be Useful

You can export the list of mailers while using the email extractor software application. You can export the list into different formats including excel, CSV, plain text, and other formats. Now the exported list can used anywhere as a database for users’ contact and sending them promotional messages and newsletters about your products and services.

Multisource Extracting is Available Now

The multisource scanning will be possible with the new email software extractor application that will be launched by the Eyesbit Technologies soon. The application can scan multiple sources, such as websites, web pages, networks, local computers, external drives, files and folders, social media content, and raw text at the same time. The feature will improve the efficiency of the email extractor software application and make the fastest available email extracting application available to use.   

Sorting in any Order

This is another useful feature of email extractor software application. The feature allow users to sort the mailing list in a particular alphabetical order. To use this option, the use just needs to select the sorting option and the particular order in which they want to display the search result.

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