Eyesbit Infotech has Launched a New Email Extractor with Exciting Features

Email address extractor is one of the well-known software applications delivered by Eyesbit in recent time. Now the company is launching a new email extractor that has more exciting features from the previously launched application. The new application has fast search feature, extended size of address list, more easy to use interface, improved sent to, carbon copy (CC), and blank carbon copy (BCC) options. The new software works in multithread mode where you can choose search type as fast search or deep search.  

This application will be soon available for download on the company’s official website. The software will help you to extract email addresses from web pages, local computers, and computers connected through networks. The tool can scan files, documents, and web pages at fast speed and extract valid emails. The emails are stored in the form of a list that can be copied and modified as well.

The new email extractor will help you to reduce human effort and speed up the things at the same time. It will help you to run immediate marketing campaigns and send promotional emails to a large user base with minimum effort. The tool also let you to define search context, such as search from Facebook or to a specific website.

This is an overview of the new email extractor launched Eyesbit Infotech. For more details and complete feature list, you can visit the company’s official website.

Get here Email Extractor with Exciting Feature

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