Why do you need email extractor software


Why do you need email extractor software?

Are you looking for a High octane, multitasking email extractor software? Don’t worry. Just don’t worry my friend. You are on the right track.

Though there are numerous email extractor softwares available in internet, but most of them do lack many important features. Many of them are fake dead woods which don’t even deliver the goods.

Even if you explore all avenues in World wide web, you will hardly find very few all in one email extractor software that are jack of all trades and as well as, at the same time dig very little in the pocket. So trying them is like putting all of your eggs in a bucket.

On the contrary to this, we have come up with a unique state of art email extractor software which is not only multitasking but also carries all necessary features, ranging from beginner to advanced use.

Main Features:

Various features of our high caliber email extractor software are listed below.

1) Keyword search:-

This feature allows you to enter a key phrase or keyword related to your business or target audience, and the software will find relevant websites, scan them, and collect email addresses. While searching, you need to write down the URL of the website and the related keyword our email extractor software will automatically extract a list of email addresses from that website.

2) A high caliber data base:-

Key component of any mailing campaign is to compile a high caliber data base. Our email extractor software can assist you to compile a database of your targeted audience in case if you don’t possess a list of essential websites to search.





 3) Filters:-


With the help of advanced hunting criteria, filters allow you to speed up your search. Eyesbit email extractor software offers two types of filters.

4) Search on Facebook:

Social media platform like facebook have become an authentic platform for all kinds of digital marketing. Eyesbit email extractor software enables you to extract hundreds and thousands of email address from a face book page, thereby proving you with a vast list of authentic contacts. In order to do that you need to Copy and paste URLs from a facebook page into our email extractor software and it will squeeze out all available email addresses from that specified facebook page.


5) File email extraction:-

Our Eyesbit email extractor software is capable of extracting email ids from different types of online and offline files. What you have to do is just enter the path of that file in the software. If a folder has too many files then you can give the path of that folder too.

6) Extract phone numbers:


It extracts both emails and phone numbers from various WebPages.

7) Extract from any webpage:-

Enter the URL of any website and the software will automatically collect all the email contacts form those websites.



So what are you waiting for? Just Garb our limited edition Eyesbit email extractor software before it goes out of stock.