Useful Tips about Using Email Address Extractor Tools


Useful Tips about Using Email Address Extractor Tools

When you want to search potential and unknown customers over the Internet, email address mining can be the first thing that you can try. There are many applications are available for harvesting emails over the Internet. These tools generate a list of valid mailers by scanning the huge amount of data on the Internet. However, if you do not have good working experience of using email address extractor or new to such tools, you might get poor outcomes that eventually harm your business revenue and customer engagement activities. Therefore, here I am going to discuss some useful tips that can be handy for you while using such applications.

Limit Search Engines

By default, most of the email address extractor applications scan a number of available search engines that may count more than 40. By limiting search engines for your email address extractor, you can drastically improve the search result quality. You should select four or five appropriate search engines according the nature of your product or service. It will narrow down your search and get an improved and more appropriate list of recipients.

Define Geography

You must know about the geographical region of your potential customers. You know about the countries where your potentials customers live. Therefore, it is important to narrow down your search according to geography. Most of the email addresses extractor tools allow you to specify the regions of mailers that you want to search. 

Use Filters

Advance email address extractor applications come with filters where you can specify several rules to make search more effective. For example, you may block mailers that have phrase like *adult*@* or *abuse*@*, or *@*.gov. You can also create a rule that specifies all the searched results must contain a string like antivirus, user, or customer. These are simple examples; you can create a number of such rules by playing to settings of the tool. If you get stuck with the settings and get confuse by your own rules, you can revert to the default settings.


Using right keywords is also as important as other factors of the search. While using email address extractor tools, you should choose keywords that must match to your business and the nature of your product and services. Choosing right keywords will help you to potential customer base for your services and goods. For example, you manufacture cricket bats. Now to get the appropriate search results, you may use keywords such as cricket bat suppliers or cricket bat manufacturers.  Many extractor applications also provide keyword suggestion feature that you can use to get right keywords according to your business. To get the keyword suggestions, you just need to provide description about your product and services and the type of customer base you are looking for.


These are simple tips that will help you to use email address extractor tools effectively. However, improving search result is a continuous process and depends upon the nature of services and products you are dealing with. You need to analyze the search result every time you use the application and rectify the search criteria accordingly.

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