Email Extractor Software saving result


Eyesbit Infotech Email Extractor provides many types of saving results. Customers can save results as per requirements. There are many types of email saving formats.

  1. Txt file: User can save extracted email ids in txt files. There are many options to save email ids in txt file like comma separated, semi colon separated, and other character separated.
  2. Excel file: User can save results in excel files.
  3. XML file: User can download results in XML files.

As per user requirements Email Extractor Software has many download features.

Eyesbit Infotech provides you a good facility for customization. As per users requirements we can add or remove features in Email Extractor. Our customers are very happy by this facility. If the requirements of customers are not full filling by existing software then user can order for some changes to full fill your requirement?  

Eyesbit Infotech is first company for free customization. If customers have small changes in the software then we can do minor change free of cost. We will also happy if you give feedback for feature changes. Many clients have given feedback to us. We have improved our software as per our customer’s feedback. Are you unable to use the software? If yes, there is a help button in top right site in the email extractor. It will help you. If you are still unable to find all features then our customer support team is waiting for your support. You can call us any time.