Email Extractor Lite 1.4 Grab your targeted audience


Targeting potential audience is not a layman’s task. It is perhaps, the most pertinent and sole objective for all online marketers. There are various ways of targeting potential audiences. Internet tools and softwares are one of those handy ways to do that. Email extractor lite 1.4 is software that can extract bulk email addresses for you.

What is Email Extractor Lite 1.4?

Emil extractor lite 1.4 is one of such example of modern internet tools through which you can easily target a group of potential traffic. Email, extractor lite 1.4, as its name refers, is internet based email extracting software that can squeeze email addresses from any text or content and compile them into a properly organized milling list, arranged in an alphabetical order.

More precisely, email extractor lite1.4 is a freeware, lightweight and a powerful user friendly online utility. Unlike other bulk-mail extractors, email extractor lite 1.4 provides us an easier and convenient way of stripping valuable email addresses from various sources of internet, such as, local files, social media webpages, blogs, and many more.

How it works

Following steps briefly explain the way to use Email Extractor lite 1.4.

  1. While working with email extractor lite 1.4, your first primordial step is to copy your email addresses from Gmail, Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. and then paste it on the window shaped frame.
  2. Then click on Extractor button..




So, if you are associated with online marketing and want to target a set of potential customers, you don’t need to worry now. Email Extractor lite 1.4, a very handy tool for modern online marketing, has brought you the solution to your doorstep. With its state of art design Email extractor lite 1.4 can extract a large no of email addresses, organized in an alphabetical order. So don’t wait!! Just grab it.

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