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How to Make the Best Use of Email Address Extractor Software

Email address extractor applications are widely used for running digital marketing campaigns these day. Small to large companies as well as individual professionals also use online harvesting applications to add potential contacts in their mailing lists. If you are planning for digital marketing campaign and want to reduce the manual effort and cost, you can use an Email extractor to serve the purpose. You can find several aggregators on the Internet. Some of the applications are online and some of them are desktop software that you need to download and install on your PC or laptop.


Making the Best Use of Applications

It is also important that how you use Email address extractor. Here are some simple tips that will help you to get the most out of the aggregator website or software.


Use Search Engines

Search engines can be also good source for aggregating contacts from the Internet. Large search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! can provide you thousands of contacts within few minutes. You just need to type the required keywords and let the Email address extractor to aggregate addresses from the search engines.


Collect Addresses from a Specific Website 

Most of the Email address extractor applications allow you to collect addresses from a specific website. To do so, you just need to type or copy and paste the URL of the website in the specified field of the software. These kinds of searches are useful when you want to search contacts associated with a specific domain or website. Moreover, you can also specify the search levels while scanning a website. The level starts from 1 and goes on. The level 1 means the Email address extractor will only scan the main pages of the website. If you specify level 2, the application scans the main pages as well as all the pages associated with the main pages.


Scan Multiple Websites Simultaneously

Scanning multiple websites at once will speed up the process of collecting emails from the Web. While using Email address extractor, you can use multi-scan feature to specify different websites’ URLs. The application will scan all the websites simultaneously and collect the emails from the multiple sources at a time.   


Use Local and Offline Search Feature

Local and offline search feature of Email address extractor can be used to search local drives, files, and folders of a computer. You can search your local computer with the Internet connection. This feature is useful when you need to search raw text data and files stored locally in your computer. If you want to specify a specific file or folder, you can specify the path of the same. The Email extractor software scans the source and display the list of valid and unique addresses.


Use Export Feature

You can use export feature of Email extractor software to save the output of the application in a file. The file you can use later for sending bulk mailers. The allocation allows you to save emails into different formats, such as excel, CSV, word, or txt formats.


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